Sustainably meeting the world’s growing need for protein.

Welcome to Petuna’s Dashboard where you can find information and data about how we care for our fish, our surrounding environments and our people, including the communities in which we operate.

Sustainably meeting the world’s growing need for protein is a major challenge. Aquaculture provides healthy, humane, low-impact produce – but it must be done to the highest possible standards of fish health and environmental management.

Petuna is committed to alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and to integrating climate and environmental stewardship into our operations. We know our industry will be impacted by climate change and we need to adapt our operations to minimise our carbon emissions and impacts on the marine ecosystem.

Petuna’s future depends on best-practice sustainable aquaculture. Maintaining the critical balance between social, environmental, and economic value just makes sense: to the fish we raise, to the communities and environment we depend on, to meeting consumers’ expectations, and to the viability of our business.

Petuna is committed to progress on the following SDGs:

Our marine lease footprint

Comparative size of Petuna’s marine lease footprint with agriculture and plantation forestry areas in Tasmania